How will coaching benefit me?

You have decided that there are areas in your life that may be holding you back and you aren’t sure why.

You feel that life should be better than this, where you can perform more effectively, find happiness and you want to know how to achieve this in a safe but stretching coaching environment.

Coaching is a way to bridge any gap between where your life, relationships or career are today and where you would like to be.

change your life

Coaching works faster, is more effective, and is more convenient than standard management seminars and work books.

It is not an extravagance but a must to live a life you love.


Which of these amazing benefits of coaching do you want?

A clearer understanding of your personal style and how you respond to challenges in your life.

To be quicker in moving to action in dealing with issues. Stop being stuck!

To improve 

  • how you cope with stress and build your resilience
  • your relationships
  • your decision-making skills assertiveness
  • self-assurance and confidence
  • your motivation

Do less and achieve more?

You define your goals and achieve the results you want!5 steps

My Background

Find out more about me here

Check out my Facebook page   Inspiration and Light


That’s me on the right – with my grand daughter.

What I stand for:

I  believe in authenticity and honesty and can at times be challenging to help you make the changes you need to move forward.

You will make the most progress when they are outside their comfort zone.

I believe in the power of intention and positivity for each person to create change in your life.


I am

The universe is abundant and through the law of attraction we can live the life we desire.

How we manage our own energy levels is at the core.

Coaching will help you identify what drains your energy and how to replenish it, and so will also help you identify your purpose and fulfil it.


I am passionate about giving something back to my local community and I have a special interest in working with social enterprises and third sector organisations to help them improve their effectiveness.


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