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New look !

I recently discovered that my coaching website was hacked, and so I have decided to close it down and concentrate on this blog.

I have been neglecting the blog as I made no blog posts during 2014. My excuse? Well we have moved to Spain and have been settling into our new life here. Joining clubs, becoming part of the fabric of the community, and well – coaching has taken a back burner.

But I have gathered the resolve to streamline and improve…. So my blog now has a new heading – Dr Judith Sunley – Life Coach, instead of “The Doctor’s Reflections”.

Most of the Summer 2014 was taken up with a visit to France to visit my sister’s French farmhouse – which is a work in progress – and substantially with our grand daughter’s extended visit and other holiday visitors. We had a good summer.


Then just before the end of August my husband tore his Achilles chasing after Rosie, and many weeks were taken up subsequently with surgery and rehabilitation.


In October we rescued our “abandonado perro” his name is Poco. It was my husband’s joke, as we have seen the suspected father who is a whopper of a dog, and Poco seems to be following in his father’s footsteps.


I had no wish for a 3rd dog, as we were happy with the balance of Rosie our runaway rescued black Labrador, and Jim our rescued border collie. I took some persauding to bring Poco home as that tiny puppy.

But here we are, 5 months later firmly thrilled with our 3rd dog who has integrated fully into the pack. It has been a lesson for me to open up my horizons and take a risk. We have had to go through puppy training, and dog training classes (for all 3), but it has paid off. Poco has a lovely life with us instead of scavenging on the streets, or at worst put down.



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I was looking through an earlier blog in which I was sharing my venture into network marketing. A few months have elapsed since then, and I have taken steps to follow my dream, moving to Spain, and starting a new life.

As it turned out network marketing was not for me! Initially swept away by a burst of enthusiasm, the nagging doubts soon set in. As a starter, I loved the product and still use it daily. But did I want to become to become part of a polished marketing system? Why was I resisting?

Was it just me, or did it seem that I was in danger of becoming a network marketing bore with my friends?

Tuning in for the regular motivational updates and training sessions, it almost seemed as though “topping up” was part of a strategy to dull down my questions, a good plan to keep me focused, but a bit like brain washing? Hmmm.

The marketing system was very slick – a master stroke to encourage customers to try the product, but I had to buy the full size samples, and I had to keep buying a quota of product every month, unless I had found new customers who bought it. Hmmm.

I had to develop business builders, cloning the system I was following. Hmmm.

I gave it my best shot but in the end decided to walk away. What did I learn?

Firstly, I did tune in to the idea of defining my dreams, looking for my purpose, my “why” and that was good. (These were key elements in the system to get potential business builders to think about where they were in their current life and where they wanted to be in 5 years time).

I found a new very good friend within the network, and that was good.

For some people it is clear to me that network marketing can re-invent them and provide self confidence and belief. The regional conferences I attended were testimony to that. Lots of focused, successful people, able to deal with rejection 9 times out of 10. They weren’t faking it. It worked for them.

But for me? Hmmm.

Let’s face it, I wasn’t “hungry” for the money and recognition. I don’t feel comfortable following some one else’s script and system. I need to feel authentic and I didn’t. In fact trying to follow the “system” just made me feel bad about myself. I don’t need that.

It felt to me as though the self development framework that was used as a core training was camouflage, smoke and mirrors.

And below all of it, it seemed to me that the “machine” required a quota of spend, bringing new people into the system who had a quota of spend. So, contrary to the training “spin”, we were all moving product and recruiting people to move product.

So I quit. If you know me you would know I am not a quitter, in fact almost always stubbornly persevere, but it didn’t feel right to stick at it this time.

However, while I was contemplating my navel, and deciding whether I could hack it – let’s face it I couldn’t – I did get my butt into gear and progress a life long aspiration to move to Spain. Instead of dreaming about it we moved to action. We came out to Spain to look at houses, found a delightful house in the mountains and made an offer which was accepted.

Then a whole load of stressful steps needed to be taken to make it all happen. Probably the subject of another blog. But – yes we went to a “Place in the Sun” exhibition in Olympia to find out all the things we needed to do. (Incidentally the TV presenter Jasmine is lovely, but very tall!)

At the exhibition we found several removal companies, currency brokers, legal advisers (even a company who sold pre-bought funerals) and we realized we should have commissioned a survey as our house is on a hill. We wouldn’t buy a house in the UK without a survey, so why on earth did we think we didn’t néed to in Spain? We got very stressed but managed to sort out our survey thankfully. And we picked our removal company, packed and sailed to Santander with our dogs. A new adventure!

So do I regret the network marketing experiment? Yes and No. It was an expensive exercise, but I was able to sell the product I had bought that I didn’t want to keep for my own use or give as presents. Expensive cosmetics!! I was also able to use the experience to help me to make some choices and decisions about my life. To examine my dreams and act on them.

And you? What are your hopes and dreams?




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Do 5:2 diets work?

food fastingA few weeks ago a friend (Frank) told us about his new diet regime involving fasting on 2 days each week, which not only helped in weight loss, but also is reputed to stimulate your “skinny” gene, SIRT1, and stimulate genes that counter cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, reducing aches and pains.

Sounds too good to be true?

Since Frank mentioned it I have heard of someone else who lives a couple of doors away who has lost weight successfully, as well as feeling much fitter, so I have decided to give it a try.

It will be our T diet, as we will fast ( well you are allowed to consume 600 calories ) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It there’s a capital T in the day we fast ( that’s how we get away with letting Saturday slip through )!

Fast days can’t be consecutive, so if you want to keep the weekends free to eat “normally” and my T days don’t work for you, you would have to choose Monday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Friday.

Friday feels like part of my weekend, so the T days work best for me!

While on holiday in Egypt I read an article in “Woman Magazine” referring to the BBC show “Horizon :Eat, Fast and Live Longer” in which Dr Michael Mosley lost a stone and lowered his glucose and cholesterol levels after a month of intermittent fasting. it also mentions work by author and dietician James B Johnson who has now released an even stricter version with fasting ( just 500 calories) on alternate days “The Alternate Day Diet”.

80% of TV Nutritionist’s Amanda Hamilton’s clients, who stuck to it found it worked, particularly due to feeling fewer aches & pains, improved memory & slowing of the ageing process.

Dietician Azmina Govindji said there was no guarantee it would work especially if you compensated and guzzled on the other days to make up for the fasting days.

So what does “fasting” look like?

Breakfast – black coffee and yogurt (60 cals)
Lunch – 2 egg omelette (150 cals)
Dinner – 150g steamed fish & vegetables or 100g grilled chicken & salad.

Well we are going to try it! I lost weight on holiday in Egypt after getting food poisoning ( it was an enforced fast) and then I went off my food, and for the first time came back from an all inclusive holiday lighter than before I went on holiday.

Is anyone else up for trying this 5:2 diet? Let me know!

Add your comments in the boxes below.

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Long time no blog?

It is that time of the year for reflection, looking back on achievements, difficulties tackled, progress against key goals and milestones, in order to take stock; and looking forward at new goals, dreams and plans for the new year.

There has been a long lull since my last blog which reflects a change in my priorities, or maybe more so that I have failed to prioritise updating my website and blog because I have been doing other things. Day to day events have taken the driving seat, and I plan to be more organized in 2013 in allocating regular time slots in my calendar to work more purposefully on business related activity.

But it’s been fun doing those other things….

I’ve been learning a lot – call it personal development – so I should have no excuse in putting it into practice, and sharing some of the things that have inspired me.

And we had a fantastic holiday in the Maldives getting in touch with sea life – I love snorkeling, even in the monsoon season.

I’ve also started a new network marketing business with well established, high quality well being products -Arbonne International – you may not have heard of the company that has been established in the US for more than 30 years and that has been operation in the UK for more than 4 years. I love the products and the emphasis on personal development.

I’ve been working hard to equip Shropshire Warriors Basketball Club with appropriate arrangements to enable future sustainability and to become a not for profit company limited by guarantee and now that I have stepped down from the role of chairman I can feel confident in the new team that are taking the club forward.

I’ve been developing and delivering training courses and seminars.

And I have been coaching some fantastic people who have re- gained self belief, motivation and purpose.

So if you have missed me please let me know…

I’m planning a series of blogs in due course around:
– what’s holding you back?
– moving forward
– maintaining progress

as these have been major themes in the work I have been doing with others, (and in my own reflection) and I hope they will be a useful source of inspiration.

You can find regular sources of inspiration from me on my Facebook page https// and also find out more about me on my website


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