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Hello again – how time flies

I have recently been spending too much time doing other things and getting side-tracked which has resulted in another long delay between blogs.

I have been suffering from some digestive problems for about a year now, and since before Christmas have been having fairly intensive investigations. At first it appeared to be a problem with lactose, and I felt a lot better during the 3 months I eliminated lactose, and was surprised that the postponed lactose test was inconclusive. So now I am eliminating milk proteins entirely for a month.

I have come across an interesting facebook group for people with Cows Milk Protein Allergy and website packed with lots of useful information. ( and

Its is saddening to see how many parents are trying to cope with feeding their infants and toddlers who have a wide range of food allergies, lactose, milk protein, soya, eggs, nuts …. That is so tough. I am fortunate to have lived so long without problems.

It seems that digestive difficulties might run in my family, and my sister, niece and nephew suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I will investigate their “trigger foods” to see if they are also irritable for me.

Luckily I have found that dark chocolate contains minimal milk and I can eat it without problems. Its amazing how many of my previously favourite foods, milk chocolate, yoghurt, greek yogurt, cream, ice cream, pastries, cream cakes, profiteroles, tiramisu are out of bounds! But I have found that there are dairy free dessert alternatives (I can always find room for a pudding) and it just means making a bit more effort.

How about Rasberry muffins or Dairy free chocolate and banana ice cream ? Definitely both worth trying!!

April has slipped by very quickly with successive visits from friends in the UK, which of course means going out and about and doing the sights.

me Kitty Harri

We visited Kitty Harri’s Sculpture garden again and felt uplifted by the creative way that the sculptures are placed in the garden, and this time there was an added sonorous melodic chiming of some cleverly placed wind chimes. Sublime!

The Axarquia Garden club reports of our initial visit can be found here,  and here

IMG_2058 IMG_2027 IMG_2034

And now I have a hankering to do some wall mosaics inspired by the fabulous colours in Kitty’s garden.

P1020524 P1020525 P1020568

We ended up missing the Garden Club visit I organised to Andrew Sloan’s drought resistant garden and the Brookside Succulent nursery, something I had been looking forward to for months.

Here is the garden club report with some fabulous pictures of Andrew’s garden, we definitely want to develop a succulent garden on the mountain part of our garden below our house.


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Do 5:2 diets work?

food fastingA few weeks ago a friend (Frank) told us about his new diet regime involving fasting on 2 days each week, which not only helped in weight loss, but also is reputed to stimulate your “skinny” gene, SIRT1, and stimulate genes that counter cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, reducing aches and pains.

Sounds too good to be true?

Since Frank mentioned it I have heard of someone else who lives a couple of doors away who has lost weight successfully, as well as feeling much fitter, so I have decided to give it a try.

It will be our T diet, as we will fast ( well you are allowed to consume 600 calories ) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It there’s a capital T in the day we fast ( that’s how we get away with letting Saturday slip through )!

Fast days can’t be consecutive, so if you want to keep the weekends free to eat “normally” and my T days don’t work for you, you would have to choose Monday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Friday.

Friday feels like part of my weekend, so the T days work best for me!

While on holiday in Egypt I read an article in “Woman Magazine” referring to the BBC show “Horizon :Eat, Fast and Live Longer” in which Dr Michael Mosley lost a stone and lowered his glucose and cholesterol levels after a month of intermittent fasting. it also mentions work by author and dietician James B Johnson who has now released an even stricter version with fasting ( just 500 calories) on alternate days “The Alternate Day Diet”.

80% of TV Nutritionist’s Amanda Hamilton’s clients, who stuck to it found it worked, particularly due to feeling fewer aches & pains, improved memory & slowing of the ageing process.

Dietician Azmina Govindji said there was no guarantee it would work especially if you compensated and guzzled on the other days to make up for the fasting days.

So what does “fasting” look like?

Breakfast – black coffee and yogurt (60 cals)
Lunch – 2 egg omelette (150 cals)
Dinner – 150g steamed fish & vegetables or 100g grilled chicken & salad.

Well we are going to try it! I lost weight on holiday in Egypt after getting food poisoning ( it was an enforced fast) and then I went off my food, and for the first time came back from an all inclusive holiday lighter than before I went on holiday.

Is anyone else up for trying this 5:2 diet? Let me know!

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