About Judith Sunley



Dr Judith Sunley

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

I am qualified through the Institute of Leadership and Management as a leadership and executive coach  and I can coach you to achieve your goals.

I have worked with people who lost their sense of direction and purpose and are ground down by changing priorities and perceptions of overall spiralling demands – through pressure at work they can’t see the wood for the trees.

Do you feel stuck, or even trapped?

Coaching provides an opportunity to step back and reflect, re-focus and explore strategies to tackle your current blocks and to begin to move forward.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk this through with, a neutral sounding post.

Does this sound like you?

I can help you to tackle limiting beliefs, your negative inner critic, and your hidden rules and judgements based on stories that have been well-rehearsed over the years. We can explore more positive beliefs and can quickly move your forward. You can build your confidence and grasp exciting opportunities.

Using Reiki we can work on energy blocks improving pain management and finding a brighter, lighter future.

Check out my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jas1955.

Having re-located to Spain to follow my dream I am now concentrating on establishing a new life in Spain, making new friends and developing new hobbies. 

We have only one life – let’s live it!!

Live a life you love!

People say I am open, direct and challenging, inspiring them to improve their enjoyment, motivation and resilience. I like us to have fun even when we are working hard to achieve your goals.

At Work

My extensive public service senior management experience includes managing council cemeteries and crematorium, indoor and markets, management of waste collection and recycling and a range of consumer protection regulatory services. I have worked cooperatively with Police, Fire, Probation NHS and other council services to tackle crime and disorder, and this has included community cohesion working and the Prevent agenda.

I understand the austere financial climate that has seen substantial change in the role of local authorities and placed greater importance on working in partnership with other organisations. My work in the private sector developed my understanding of commercial pressures and built my business acumen. Even when working in the public sector my services were income generating for the council, and these “businesses” faced market budget pressures without the freedoms available to the private sector.

I have also delivered a range of different training courses to a range of different audiences.

And I have extensive experience of voluntary work in running a community association, as an elected Parish Councillor, and through the intensive support of a Shropshire Basketball development programme.



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