Long time – no post “Viva Espania”

It has been a long time since I posted in my blog. Why? I’ve moved thousands of miles to follow my dream of living in Spain. We have moved to a Casa on the campo, in the mountains of Andalucia with fantastic mountain and sea views. It has been a BIG change, so many new things to learn, new people to meet, rules to comply with. So much to do to tackle our neglected Casa and sort it out. And we have a mountain-side waiting to be cultivated. And we have to learn a new language. It’s a roller coaster but we are getting there.

I’ve also changed my website host and streamlined my website. If I’m to do paid coaching in Spain there’s a host of stuff I need to sort out.

Meanwhile, we have sorted out health insurance – despite working all my life in the UK, I am not entitled to free Spanish health cover – the Spanish Health system is contribution based, not residence based as in the UK. Unless I register as self employed here, forget it.

We have imported our Campervan “Lovebus” into Spain, so it is now on Spanish plates. You can’t drive a UK plated vehicle in Spain for more than 6 months, if you do you risk large fines and the confiscation of your vehicle. Lots of Ex Pats risk it, at their peril!

We registered on the local Town Hall register on arrival, but have only just gone through the process to become residents. Whether you “register” or not, you are tax resident once you have resided here for more than 183 days. But before you can register you must have health insurance and enough income to show you won’t be a burden on the Spanish government. Again many British don’t become resident and duck and dive, but the Spanish government are getting canny and will expect evidence of residence outside Spain. There are international financial treaties to share tax data. It only seems right and proper to me to abide by the rules on moving to Spain.

We’ve a much simpler life here. It has been good to make some new friends and join local clubs, and of course take Spanish lessons.

We have multi-national neighbors, Spanish – of course – but also English, German and American. We have been made very welcome.






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