Long time no blog?

It is that time of the year for reflection, looking back on achievements, difficulties tackled, progress against key goals and milestones, in order to take stock; and looking forward at new goals, dreams and plans for the new year.

There has been a long lull since my last blog which reflects a change in my priorities, or maybe more so that I have failed to prioritise updating my website and blog because I have been doing other things. Day to day events have taken the driving seat, and I plan to be more organized in 2013 in allocating regular time slots in my calendar to work more purposefully on business related activity.

But it’s been fun doing those other things….

I’ve been learning a lot – call it personal development – so I should have no excuse in putting it into practice, and sharing some of the things that have inspired me.

And we had a fantastic holiday in the Maldives getting in touch with sea life – I love snorkeling, even in the monsoon season.

I’ve also started a new network marketing business with well established, high quality well being products -Arbonne International – you may not have heard of the company that has been established in the US for more than 30 years and that has been operation in the UK for more than 4 years. I love the products and the emphasis on personal development.

I’ve been working hard to equip Shropshire Warriors Basketball Club with appropriate arrangements to enable future sustainability and to become a not for profit company limited by guarantee and now that I have stepped down from the role of chairman I can feel confident in the new team that are taking the club forward.

I’ve been developing and delivering training courses and seminars.

And I have been coaching some fantastic people who have re- gained self belief, motivation and purpose.

So if you have missed me please let me know…

I’m planning a series of blogs in due course around:
– what’s holding you back?
– moving forward
– maintaining progress

as these have been major themes in the work I have been doing with others, (and in my own reflection) and I hope they will be a useful source of inspiration.

You can find regular sources of inspiration from me on my Facebook page https//www.facebook.com/jas1955# and also find out more about me on my website http://www.JudithSunleyCoaching.com.



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