Just “Take 5” – 5 small steps to build confidence

It’s great to receive comments from others with an interest in building confidence in response to my blogs.

This is another blog in the theme of exploring self esteem issues, and its very short and to the point.

Do you want to take the first small steps to build confidence?

It’s important that you tackle your self image in terms of looking at what you eat [5 a day fruit and vegetables] and practising a more healthy lifestyle, exploring your passion, dreams and life purpose, but these are BIG STEPS.

First take these 5 SMALL STEPS – spend 1 minute per day on each step [Contact-me for a short worksheet running through these 5 steps]:

  • RELAXBreathe

1 minute breathing meditation – clear your mind. Connect to your calm, peaceful, confident, loving self. When you make this connection, you are guaranteed to feel better about yourself.   Developing a meditation practice is one of the most powerful things you can   do to improve your self esteem.

  • Be Grateful

Gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool. What you focus   on expands, therefore, if you wish to have “more” in your life, focus on and be grateful for everything you already have.

  • Acknowledge   others.

Look at your family and workmates acknowledge what they do, who they are, show you care Take your focus away from yourself and direct it to the world around you.

  • Request don’t  complain

Don’t focus on the things you don’t want. Ask yourself instead “what do I want – what do I need to have happen here?” Look for what could happen, what possibilities open up? Be proactive not reactive.

  • Smile

Laugh look for something funny. Don’t take everything so seriously, laughter is the best medicine and its infectious.

Have you got 5 minutes each day to change your perspective? I bet you have.

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2 responses to “Just “Take 5” – 5 small steps to build confidence

  1. Trish

    Really like this one!
    Always a fan of quickies and this is great.
    All it needs is an acronym!
    BRAGS (Breathe, request, acknowledge, grateful, smile) doesn’t seem quite right.. (and GRABS no better- think important to start with ‘Breathe’ or ‘Relax’).
    Maybe ‘brags ‘ as it stands is a poor way to build self esteem- but its constituent letters are just the trick for real progress!

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