What’s Workplace Wellbeing all about?? Where can I get some?

Well-being and stress management issues are within the overall ‘duty of care’ that an employer owes to its employees, yet the consideration   extends far beyond the employer’s duty of care.

The subject of well-being has broad implications for quality of life – how we choose to live, from a philosophical and fulfilment viewpoint – and in some cases potentially how long we live and whether we enjoy health and happiness, or suffer anxiety and illness, or worse.

Everyone in work has a duty to safeguard and nurture personal wellbeing at work, especially where there is no-one to help you do it. From an organizational management angle, wellbeing is a major factor in quality, performance, productivity and therefore business effectiveness and profit.

Where a person’s wellbeing reduces, so typically does his or her performance and effectiveness.

 At work particularly, pressures involving deadlines, responsibilities, task complexity, challenge, relationships, supervision, etc., can all seriously reduce our wellbeing, especially if we fail to recognise and deal with the risks.  Understanding the risks to workers in relation to stress and wellbeing is an increasingly important responsibility for the modern employer.

Across a team or entire organization, if staff wellbeing is undermined, many key organizational performance factors can be negatively impacted, for example:

  • reduced productivity
  • increased mistakes
  • conflict with colleagues, managers and reports
  • grievance and disciplinary issues
  • increased sickness and absenteeism
  •  generally low morale and negativity
  • poor customer service and increase in quality concerns
  • increasing staff turnover
  • impact on employers’ reputation with customers, employees and new recruits

Aside from all this, wellbeing at work is very closely linked to wellbeing and health in life generally. Where wellbeing is eroded, people can get sick, mentally and physically.

How coaching can help you?

You will work with your coach as an individual or with your  teams in a safe yet challenging setting to develop appropriate action plans to help you to explore the results you want and need. We will also explore opportunities to access other support.

I have found that the managers and leaders I coach have often lost their sense of direction and purpose and are ground down by changing priorities and perceptions of overall spiralling demands – through pressure at work they can’t see the wood for the trees. They feel stuck, some even feel trapped. Coaching provides an opportunity to step back and reflect, re-focus and explore strategies to tackle your current blocks and to begin to move forward.

Some practical tips you can try yourself are around reviewing  how you spend your day. Who do you feel is in control? How might you find some space in your busy day to restore some balance? Check out my blog on meditation and relaxation, and find something that works for you to create a space to reflect.

Contact me and we can explore other techniques for re-kindling your passions, improving time management and bringing some joy back into your life.

You can find more about me at www.JudithSunleyCoaching.com or check out my facebook business page https://www.facebook.com/#!/jas1955 or follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/JudithSunley



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