Well fancy that – Motorola sue Apple over wireless patent violations ….

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Here’s an interesting story about an Apple law suit that I came across on Twitter…

I have to confess it – I was a true Blackberry fan until I had my first Iphone 3GS – I loved the shape. I bought it off Ebay as “used” but it turned out to have been stolen before sold to me. Then I bought one off Play.com, as “refurbished” and the retailer went bust when my 3GS was returned to them in for repair. Both Ebay and Play.com came up trumps and refunded my purchase price, so I decided to invest in a brand new contract Iphone 4.

Now I’ve also got an Ipad2 purchased as refurbished direct from Apple, following a recommendation from a client,  and I’m a convert, though I still use my windows laptop and netbook.

But there we are, it seems there is trouble afoot in the world domination of IT market. In his blog, Matthew Panzarino, News and Apple Editor of TNW explains that the law suit, filed in a Florida court exercises patents related to antenna technology and more.

He says that the case was filed in a Florida court on Wednesday and Motorola which involves six of Apple’s products including the iPhone 4S. Motorola claims that Apple has infringed on patents related to wireless antenna technology, software, data filtering and messaging.

Read the story here http://thenextweb.com/apple/2012/01/25/motorola-mobility-sues-apple-in-the-us-over-six-products-including-the-iphone-4s

The report hints at links between Motorola and Google, and implies a tit for tat case after Apple filed suit over HTC. Panzarino says there is always the possibility that Google has bolstered Motorola’s complaints against Apple with its own trove of patents. This is something that it has done in Apple’s case against HTC.

In August of last year, Motorola was sued by Apple in Europe over the design of its Xoom tablet, in a case that is still ongoing.

Motorola has also filed suit against Apple in the US, claiming infringement against 18 patents in the District Courts, as well as with the International Trade Commission. Motorola has also recently won a GPRS (cellular radio) patent violation suit against Apple in Germany.

Who will be the ultimate winner – who knows, but the lawyers must be rubbing their hands with glee?

In an earlier blog Matthew advised that Apple is now making iPhones at a rate that exceeds the amount of babies that humans produce on earth every day. This number is likely to be transient as the birth rate isn’t static and Apple’s first quarter normally gets a bump in sales from the Christmas shopping season which subsides in the second. But still, it’s a pretty staggering statistic, especially when you consider that Apple is selling every one of those devices it can make. In fact, demand for iOS devices was exceeded again in the quarter, even as Apple announced that it had sold some 315M total.


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