What makes good leader?

I was reading the feedback about a discussion on LinkedIn this morning on what advice coaches have given or have received on what makes a good leader, and this seemed to be a great blog topic. Thanks to Laurie Ann Murabito for starting this great discussion.

Here’s her advice:

Laurie Ann Murabito, CPCC, ACC • One of my first “jobs” after college, the general manager told me to walk before I run. This came at the perfect time, as I was getting my feet wet with my new staff. I also remember, not ever asking others to do anything I would not do myself.

And it struck me that it might be interesting to add some other unexpected advice. Has anyone read books byCesar Milan the “Dog-Whisperer”? I have.

I avidly watch his shows on TV as I have 2 dogs that need strong leadership, and eventually had to resort to engaging a dog trainer – who told me he spends as much time training the owner as in training the dogs. Dogs are good at reading body language, something that is a lost art amongst humans. Simple attention to demonstrating what you expect and intend through your body language makes a huge difference in promoting good dog behaviour.

It sounds to me like a sensible approach to apply this in the rest of your life.

In his book “Be the Pack Leader” Cesar says :

“My goal for you is that you use calm-assertive energy to become the pack leader in every area of your life, and open up to the new dimension of living that you never before realised was possible”

This is a great book which I would commend to you.

Here’s a selection from the discussion of the advice that coaches have given or received on what makes a good leader. Click on the name to learn more about that coach.

Can you recognise yourself here, or something that inspires you?

Jim BattinWe are all leaders in specific situations that we create and call upon our unique strengths and talent.

Becca OrdonezLead by your core values.

Carlton MooreCharisma will only get you so far.

Dave McKeon • upon accepting my first real operational management role a new peer gave me the following leadership advice that has always stayed with me…

“You’re now in a role that is expected to make tactical decisions…every time you make a decision you’ll likely make some people happy and some unhappy, but keep in mind that when a decision is called for and you don’t make one, no one will be happy”.

Mariela JacoboSay the truth, be honest, be compassionate, be yourself and let your team be the same in their communication, with you and among the team.

Manu Puri • In my opinion the one quality that defines leaders and leadership is the ability to ‘listen’:
Listen to self: To understand self, our values and ideals
Listen to others: To get their pulse and what drives them
Listen to the environment/organization: To understand the larger context

Listening allows full ‘being’ and then the doing (implementation) follows naturally, that’s something we’re better at in any case.

Lily Sanabria-Hernandez“Be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves”…

Gabrielle Zecha • “Leadership” is not a “position”

Cari Mallory“Lead from the front not the rear!”

Arthur van der MolenHonour your Word!

Sujit SumitranLeadership is not about doing. It’s about being!

I’d love to have your comments. Have a look at my website here for more information on leadership coaching http://www.judithsunleycoaching.com/index.php?p=1_21_Leadership

Here’s another great quote I cam across today by Jeffrey Hollander about leading social enterprises.:

Get out of your own way – Leadership is an art. Ask questions, don’t always provide answers. Invest in your own growth. Stay humble and get humbler.


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