When’s a good time to set new goals?

January is the typical time for us all to make our new year resolutions, after a period of excess we look for a new way forward. Many of us decide to lose weight – and I regret to say I will be having an embarrassing public weigh- in on Tuesday evening at our basketball club, with my husband and one of our coaches, plus two volunteers. This type of public display should help us maintain our dieting motivation, as well as raising money for our club funds and our nominated club charity.

But we can make changes at any time of the year. And we can also easily lose interest as our motivation falls away.

But how many of us can be bothered, or have the confidence to start?

We don’t need a new year to make a new start, any day is as good as any other day to make positive change.

Often, the only thing stopping us making changes, is our fear of failure and lack of belief that we will achieve the goal.

The literature tells us that goal setting, with as specific as possible measures for the goal increases the likelihood of success i.e to describe what we want to do exactly what and when and by how much? That way we know what success looks like.

Stephen Covey tells us to “begin with the end in mind” (Habit 2 of his 7 Habits of highly effective people). This is based on our imagination, the ability to create with our minds what we can’t at present see with our eyes and conscience.

Literature also suggests that it helps to visualise and literally “step into” a picture of what that success looks and feels like. Depending on whether we are “towards” people – who are motivated by moving towards the desirable, or “away” people who need to move away / escape from the undesirable status quo, it is sensible to employ any help we can get to increase the chance of success.

We can use vision boards, or other visual images to help us maintain motivation, and certainly where weight loss is concerned, going to weight loss clubs to hold accountability and give group motivation are shown to be successful to help maintain progress.

We can work with close friends to hold us accountable, or work with a coach, or we can write a letter to ourselves setting out exactly where we want to be in say a month/3 months, and ask someone to post it to us in a month/3 month’s time.

Please contact me if you would like help to checkup on your personal vision and to define who you want to become; or to help you to set some goals to achieve your mission.

For Christmas I was given quite a lot of Amazon vouchers and I have down-loaded even more e-books that feed my curiosity about human nature, which I can read on my Kindle, and Iphone. One, which I have been gripped by, is called “Psychology of Success A Practical Guide” by Alison and David Price, published by Icon books 2011 .

[I’ve recently added “The Art of Coaching. The Psychology of Success” as part of my website new strapline www.JudithSunleyCoaching.com, and so this was a must read book for me].

Its very readable and takes an alphabetical approach to introducing concepts over 26 A-Z chapters.

Its “a potent combination of research, theory and evidence … to help set the right goals in the first place, guides to achieving those goals..the process of enjoying working towards achieving them, and uses sound psychological principles, with a sprinkling of inspiration..”

In terms of deciding when is a good time to set new goals, they reflect on some work by Richard Leider with senior citizens, which highlighted that life picks up speed as we grow older, and as we hit the 2nd half of our lives – lets say the average life expectancy is 80, and so after the age of 40, everything moves faster and an awareness emerges that time is the most precious currency in life.

Here’s an exercise they use which makes the point.

Draw a table with 8 squares in it, 2 rows and 4 columns, where each box represents 10 years. Shade a square in for the number of years you have lived, so if you are 40 shade in 4 squares.

Shade of one third of the remainder to represent the sleeping you have yet to do.

Then shade off 50% of the remainder, to represent the time estimated nased on UK Office of National Statistics findings (2005) that people spend eating and drinling (6.75%), doing household chores (10%), working and studying (12.5%), personal care (2.5%), communiting and travelling (6.25%), watching TV (11.25%) and meetings (1.25%). NB Time spent on facebook and other social media wasn’t included!!

Then think of anything else that takes up time that hasn’t already been included.


NOW is a good time to set new goals!! Seize the day.

Please contact me if you would like help to take a look at the bigger picture in your life and to help you spend your precious time doing what will be most rewarding.

Look back at my BLOG on 29 November for some tips on taking the first steps…

Here’s some great information about be~zen~do methodology that you may find inspiring to begin to make changes.

I’m paying particular attention to #7:

Source : http://namastenow.com/index.php/bezendo-revisited/

Are you ready to make that change!?

1. How Do I Fix It?: Started with the question on how can one change permanently?

2. Be Zen Do!: The guiding principle…

3. What Needs To Change?: What must change?

4. How To Become More Aware: Becoming more aware…

5. Making Time For The Important Stuff!: Need to make time for all this change stuff!

6. What’s Our ‘Immunity To Change’?: How we live undiscovered assumptions

7. How To Lose Weight!: Using several ‘influencers’ to change…

8. How To Cement Change…: How meditation fits in…

9. How to Affirm Our Way To Change: Why affirmations are essential!

10. How And Why Visualization Works: Why Visualization is an indispensable tool!

11. How To Program Self…: Ways to further succeed in our change efforts!

12. Three Minds And A Habit: Why we must involve our complete being when attempting to change…


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