New Year “New Start”

In the spirit of both building my business and reaching out to help more people achieve their desires in the new year, I am offering a free coaching session to anyone that contacts me during January quoting “New Start“.

This will appeal to anyone that has reached a block in their working or home life and needs to find some new strategies to explore solutions to unlock their motivation, to revitalise their life purpose and passion, and to restore a happy and fulfilled work-life balance.

Do these issues sound familiar?

Is this just the incentive you need to take the first steps towards tackling the doldrums and making progress?

Times are tough and people are feeling pressurised at work and at home to achieve and to be happy.

Coaching provides a great opportunity to explore what is holding you back, to challenge irrational and self limiting beliefs, and to work towards goals. I know because my clients tell me that it does, and seeing is believing.

The free session would follow an initial no obligation consultation in which we scope out your issues and goals, discuss whether coaching is for you and then agree our coaching journey together which could be via face to face meetings or through telephone or Skype conversations.

Why not take the first steps and contact me to make a new start? What a great new year resolution.


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