Christmas Greetings

It’s that time of year when we remember old friends and furiously write and send cards with promises to meet up in the new year. So much pressure for such a short period to do things just right – the right gift, a table bowed with the weight of food.

But the simple things are what makes the difference. A phone call or spontaneous visit from friends and family members.

A simple home made gift.

A hug.

What have you done this year to capture the essence of Christmas?

Then we make New Year resolutions.

Instead of making empty promises, this year why not promise yourself just 3 things:

1. Do that thing you have been putting off – in my case this will be to make contacts with potential clients, or with people who can help me to place my services before potential clients – to make my goal clear and measurable, I will target 5 new leads by the end of January and put an offer before them.

2. Make direct contact with at least one old friend or family member that you have lost touch with – I will identify 3 people who I will phone for a long chat and/or will arrange to meet.

3. Review your lifestyle to see if anything needs attention to bring it into balance – for me this means following an exercise regime and making an adjustment to what we eat (I think a fund raising sponsored slim is in the offing!)

What will you do?


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