Hello again

It’s been a while since my last blog, due to various things (struggling with a cold) busy with other things and organising my new office. I’ve decided to carve out my own office space and organise my coaching resources separately from our existing home office.

Lots of sorting out has been required, stuff has been recycled or moved elsewhere, and now my “environment” is more conducive to work. This hasn’t been a displacement activity to avoid cold calling new business, but a necessary pre-requisite.

There’s a good energy in the new space. I have a few more technological matters to resolve – such as getting another user licence of antivirus software for the computer so I don’t always need to use the laptop, and getting the printer working – it’s an Epson and needs it’s counter re-setting – but I’m almost there.

However, and inexplicably my iPhone has just “gone blank” can it be coincidental that I have just registered our new iPad? Has I Tunes got confused? I made a phone call on my Iphone before registering the IPad.

I’m doing this blog on the IPad. So far I love it – but not if it has killed my IPhone!

Technology is great until it isn’t.

Of course everyone will be away over Christmas so who knows when I’ll sort this out? Maybe I should phone Apple?

I’ll keep you posted!

Great news and well done to Apple’s technical advisors who guided me through a phone re-set and bingo the phone was working again, and then advised in a software re-set to sort out the annoying and repeated requests to enter my password. Now everything is working fine. It was nothing to do with the registering of our new IPad – a spooky coincidence! But I also learned how to set up our synching with I Tunes to stop the annoying muddling up of contacts on my IPhone and my husband’s. I have around 300, he has around 3000 although many of these are in several times due to a synching error. That’s the next thing to sort out.


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