Christmas market

This morning the solar panel installation was concluded without hitch – the government levy form filled in and all that is required is to send in the paperwork (including a picture of the new meter) was ready to send back to our utility company before Friday.

So we decided to take the train to Brum to visit the famous Christmas market. Our first time.

It was a lovely bright and fresh day (actually quite cold) but we love a girls day out – me & my granddaughter.

Birmingham at 2 pm was HEAVING and afraid she would be lost in the crush, my granddaughter wanted me to hang onto her jacket belt the whole time.

A load of wooden sheds in the street was surprisingly magical, lit up as they were with the dusk falling. Less magical were the hordes of beer drinkers guzzling near the numerous bars. They were cheery but it made trying to move along the street very slow and a bit precarious. Not sure this was a family event and I was surprised by the number of pushchairs making even slower progress. Had a nasty shock when an old gent stepped back with his sharp heel edge onto my toe. Ouch.

The carousel with bobbing horses was lovely and not too dear @ £2. But pretty much everything else was too pricey and beyond the budget of my granddaughter who had permission to spend some of her savings.

It was a pleasure to get off the street into a shop (not sure they were doing that well as it was so hard to cut through the throng) where we could look at stuff without constant jostling.

As it transpired the call of Primark was too strong, and we both bought handbags and other bargains before our weary trek back to the station, unfortunately having to stand for quite a time on the train home.

Good day – on balance yes. To visit or not to visit the Christmas market again – on balance not!



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