Installing the solar panels

It was an inauspicious start when the solar panel installers asked me on arrival for an Allen key as they didnt have one on the van to install the panels they brought with them. ???

Luckily I have a load of DIY stuff and a comprehensive selction of Allen keys.

So we were able to cross the first hurdle.

They also had a problem with the concept of keeping the gate closed, so Rosie our black labrador wouldn’t run off. Problem averted by keeping Rosie on a lead whenever the front door was opened, and then closing the gate which had been left open for no reason.

The electrician inspired more confidence, good job as our complicated structure of little lofts over bits of the house/extensions took some fathoming, to work out where to put the inverter (pole position in the main loft having been taken by the hot water solar system), and then how to get the wiring from the panels, to the inverter and then to the fuse box and meter. He did it – though it meant emptying out a wardrobe full of basketball kit in the process (which now has all got to go back in).

It seems we have some busy mice in the loft who have nibbled off a lot of the lagging on the pipes of the solar heating installation, which was only put in during the Summer. They have previously nibbled through a plastic pipe to the header cylinder and flooded the landing. So it’ll be a call to HomeServe on Monday for a pest control call.

By hours of darkness the panels were fitted and most of the wiring, but the elctrician needs to call again in the morning to finalise the inverter installation and connect everything up.

The scaffolding will be up for a few days, which will give us chance to fix the down pipe that was taken off when the house was painted in the Spring.

Before the installation of the panels was completed my husband said he doesn’t like the look of the panels, and wonders why we have bothered.

I just hope the performance lives up to our expectations..


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  1. kate Goodall

    I can see why Alfie doesn’t like them, but then you’ll mostly be indoors or too busy gardening to sit and look at them anyway! If women designed and manufactured them I’m sure they’d blend in better 😉 Good on you for having them. I’d like to see such sustainable items being mandatory in new builds.

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