Solar electricity

At around lunch-time today the scaffolders arrived to prepare for our solar panel installation tomorrow. I was getting a bit nervous as I expected them early and wanted to be sure the scaffolding was in place before it got dark before they arrived – but it was fine.

This is phase B (or maybe C) in our attempts to reduce our environmental footprint.

Firstly we had a solar panel installed for heating water a few months ago (phase A), and linked to this we finally decided not to run our gas guzzling Aga 24/7 365 days pa.

Our lovely Aga heated our water (piping hot) but boy oh boy did it consume gas.

We have been successfully letting the sun warm our water since the Summer, and even on these wintery short days the sun takes the water temperature to around 40 degrees. (not warm enough for a bath though)

So this meant we could switch off the Aga in the Summer. (phase B)

Now – well tomorrow – and just before the government slash the green incentive for installing solar panels to generate electricity for our own use, we are having the panels fitted. We will also be exporting energy to the grid at an agreed selling price.

I’ll let you know how the installation goes…



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2 responses to “Solar electricity

  1. kate Goodall

    Pleased to see Sunley Towers is becoming sustainable 🙂

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