Home improvement programmes

Are you like me, and spend too much down-time watching TV programmes “Homes Under the Hammer”, “The Renovation game”, “ReLocation Relocation”, “Escape to the Country” and the like?

And like me is that it?

Passively watching transformations to a property or watching people fulfilling a life changing move, and my life and home stay the same? Its easier observing the metaphor than making any changes.

Maybe that’s also why I like to browse properties for sale in Galicia (northern Spain) to pander to my dream of re-locating there, when a more sensible plan would be to sort out booking a holiday?

I might get some inspiration from these TV programmes, but more often than not watching sublimates a need or taking action. Its like browsing EBay, or through an Argos catalogue without buying anything. Is this another form of procrastination?

I am reminded of the workshop I attended with successful business guru Shaa Wasmund – “Stop talking – start doing”. I have also recalled a book by Dragon Duncan Bannatyne with a similar title.

We are the instruments of change, but we need to stop day dreaming and draw up a simple plan of action, and then implement it!

You may be surprised that experienced coaches also need to sort out their lives. So I need to reflect on Greg and Alvin’s advice (my last post) and DO IT.

In closing I am pleased to announce that I have completed my first blog via my mobile phone, and I managed to upload a picture of my own recent kitchen replacement. (Thank you Word Press).

There’s no stopping me now!



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