The other Judith Sunley??

Have you ever put your name in google to see what comes up?

Well thankfully, mostly the references that come up if you type Judith Sunley are references to my current website, my Blog, comments I have made on facebook or twitter, and comments taken from various press releases that were issued while I worked in my previous 2 local authority jobs combatting crime and disorder.

These references are all good to establish my contribution and who I am. From these searches you can find out my address, my phone number, what I look like, and you can probably work out my age. You will be able to tell what I stand for. Hopefully, you will also feel confident enough to employ me as your coach.

But who is the other Dr Judith Sunley? The one in America, that seems to be Deputy Assistant Director in the National Science Foundation Directorate for Social Behavioral and Economic Sciences, who I think was cleared to give comments about Wikki leaks? It wasn’t me honestly. I think her middle initial is S whereas mine is A. But otherwise how different are we?

The internet and google or bing searches are marvellous to find things out, but I would love to know the other Judith Sunley. Is she my doppelganger. How old is she? What does she look like?

She is clearly influential in her own field.

Does she know about me? Does she care?

Should I say hello?

The world is a huge place but it’s also very small.



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