Being healthy

I recall an earlier blog when I talked about Steven Covey’s 4 Q’s (and check out my website section on leadership)

The Body (PQ) – how we live

The Mind (IQ) – the need to learn and keep refreshing our learning

The Heart (EQ)– how we love, our social awareness emotional intelligence

The Spirit (SQ) – our “why” and our need to contribute, to feel meaning and add value, and how we live by these principle

Funnily enough my actions are all pretty much in order on IQ, EQ and SQ as I am curious and continually learning…. BUT … I can’t say the same for PQ. I know there are some definite steps that need to be actioned.

Its like a ticking time bomb..

I am overweight and don’t do enough exercise, I think I manage stress levels well, but how amazing would I be if I did more exercise and managed the cortisols etc.? Thankfully I sleep well, I have some amazing relaxation routines that have seen me through some very dark days.

I’ve learned and practice Reiki. I can’t describe how important this has been for me (spiritually and physically) – maybe that’s the source of another blog?

BUT … I have aches and pains that tell me my body is ageing. My mum has dementia and its a condition I dread.

My friend Don Smith tells me that we can start now to improve our mental conditions in later old age. As Geoff Thompson says we are what we eat, and we need to eat good food.

My husband has blood pressure problems, he can’t relax and thinks relaxation routines are bunkum. He doesn’t know the meaning of “No” when it comes to taking on more and more responsibility. He is borderline diabetic and over weight too.

So, here’s the thing – I think it’s time we changed our lifestyles for the better.

We keep saying “tomorrow we will…” but life is short and we are a long time dead.

So it’s time to make an action plan and as Shaa Wusmuund says, “stop talking and start doing”

I have found out about the health benefits of Aloe Vera juice (its like a cactus) and thats step 1. Start taking it.

I’m even thinking of selling a whole range of Aloe Vera products – but I will only sell what I am convinced will work. We are trying face wash, toothpaste, aloe vera creams and gelly as well as the drinks. A month from now I’ll know how well it works.

My husband – ever the cynic – asked me this morning where the Aloe Vera scales were so he could weigh himself! Hmmpf

Step 2 – join the gym and go regularly – together. I’m good at the first bit but not the 2nd.

Step 3 – change our eating habits and stick to it. Giving up chocolate will be hard (maybe I should try EFT)

Step 4 – find a Yoga class and go regularly

So that’s my action plan and I’d better stick to it.

If anyone else in the world reads these musings, tell me what you think of my plan and check up on me from time to time


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