Together we are stronger

Last night at a Sports Forum meeting I was bouyed up by the number of volunteers from local clubs prepared to come to meet with other volunteers to find out useful information about funding opportunities and also to learn new skills for reaching out to local people to join our respective clubs.

We had a broad range of sports represented, and different clubs had useful experiences, strengths and issues to share. We weren’t competing we were collaborating!!

We were supported by some excellent council officers and volunteers prepared to spend their time with us.

We had an useful presentation from an enthusisatic Jan Minhane about social media. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn about social media, even though I tweet, use facebook and have a website and blog, but also to appreciate the power for good it has for spreading our club’s reach to people interested to join our sporting communities as players, helpers, coaches or volunteers.

Together we also came up with some great ideas about working collaboratively to source more social media training, and to develop a shared administrative hub to support the various clubs that operate around Telford.

Our enthusiasm knew no bounds and we were still networking and talking well after the scheduled end of the meeting.

Good result Telford Sports Forum!!


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One response to “Together we are stronger

  1. kate Goodall

    You should come along to the next accessible (to you) social media “unconference” Judith; it’d open your eyes even more.

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