The difference between winning and losing …

Saturday saw our Warriors EBL basketball team needing a win after a succession of losses. Playing Sefton Stars who knocked us out in the cup, we started the game at a real psychological disadvantage, but the team warmed up with a sense of belief that we could do it.

This contrasted strongly with our last away game when the warm up was half hearted and we were thoroughly drubbed by an inferier team.

Warriors led the game from the outset and it looked as though we would win convincingly. While the refs were looking down the court a frustrated opposition player head butted one of our players. The fans were outraged and we went to half time wanting to beat them with better basketball.

The lead almost slipped away in the fourth quarter when our lead droppped to 3 points. Our players started to doubt themselves. Calling a time -out, our coach reminded the Warriors team that the only difference was that they now thought they might lose. He knew they just needed to keep playing to win and put into practice what they knew they could do. Unstoppable belief in his team!! Warriors steamed to a convincing win, confident that they could do it.

So what’s the point of this story? Well its true. Also it shows the importance of self belief, and team belief.

I strongly believe that we get what we think about. Think about winning and believe and we win. Think about losing, our physiology follows this lead, we play badly and lose.

Our players were young and fit. They knew their plays. They started with a belief that they might win, then they felt they could win. They rallied against the indignity of dirty play to show the opposition they would out class them.

Then their confidence began to wane and they started to doubt….

They were getting what they feared, the points gap was narrowing – they might lose again!

A few words from the coach to hold their nerve, to carry on outplaying the opposition and his belief that they could do it, tipped the balance back.  They believed in themselves again. The crowd went wild. We won!

Thats the sign of a great leader, saying just enough at the right time. Like Covey, we have it in ourselves to affirm and believe in others to inspire them to achieve their best.

And winning is so much better than losing, isnt it?



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  1. Thanks for sharing Judith. I am convinced that coaches need coaching themselves and I am encouraged to believe that I can win. Thanks again!

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