After the storm…

Today has been a bit like the calm after the storm. I have spent 2 intensive days looking at information on the internet and re-thinking my website offer, and of course thinking about blogging, and putting it into practice. My brain needed some “chill time” today and it can be at these off-line times that creativity will strike. I’m still waiting I think.

If the world is going to benefit from my skills and help, they have to know what I do, and they won’t just fall over me.

Having decided on my niche – Daniel Priestley would say it isn’t narrow enough – I need to embody the “key person of influence” persona.

So I need to start talking to people, ringing them up, making appointments and getting myself talked about.

Its simpe good manners to me not to thrust my expertise on others, but with unstoppable self belief I will not be deterred by my natural reticence.

I need to go and meet the people who have needs that I can fulfil.

I will listen first to establish people’s needs and build rapport. I will share freely. I firmly believe that the universe is abundant so there is no need for anyone to be greedy. We get what we ask for as long as we ask for what we need.

If you saw the film about “giving forward” you will recognise the spirit of giving and sharing, without expecting anything in return. This resonates with Covey’s spiritual intelligence SQ and emotional intelligence EQ and his idea to Love, Live and Learn.

I must also continue the volunteering that I do, as this also adds meaning and purpose to my life.

And today I have been sorting out the weekly banking for our basketball club, and getting ready for our EBL home game tomorrow where I will be heavily involved in making sure we have made enough money to cover the cost of officials etc. And enjoying the game – its time we had a win!! We have some great volunteers involved in the club, helping us to run the team training sessions, raise sponsorship, and help us to grow our young players into responsible and caring adults.

And tonight I will send some Reiki to the game, and give the energy to our players to believe they can win.


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