Well that was interesting, I had just written an interesting 298 words on networking and it was all lost when I pressed the publish button. How annoying.

I’ve been having a few gremlins as my website updating last night went a bit pear shaped when my web site structure scrambled, and it took some time before I could get everything back in the right place again. I hope no one was trying to read it while things were all over the place.

I have spent a day looking at information and articles on the web and learned a lot. Its amazing how many people have so much information to share so generously. The mantra of course is publish, publish, publish to be established as an expert. But someone still needs to read it. No-one will know how marvellous the content is (or how I am) if they cant find my website, and I need to learn some more about search engine optimising (SEO).

I need some “products” that can be sold from the website, and I need to work my networks.

Networking on Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and blogging all takes time and needs to be focused around my niche and potential client base.

And I have also been reading so many new authors and new information that I am keeping my brain refreshed with what Geoff Thompson calls “brain food”.  Happiness flows from a sense of purpose and meaning, and Covey describes the importance of SQ, or spiritual intelligence, the way our values, beliefs and guiding principles give our life its meaning, provide our legacy, and affirm and inspire others to achieve their voice.

Yesterday I heard my first teleclass about stress management and could see that the links between measures for stress management and restoring balance are embodied within Covey’s 8th principle  for effective leaders. And that was what I was trying to incorporate into a page on my website.

At the coaching convention, Daniel Priestley was talking about three levels in the brain, the reptile, the monkey and the empire builder. The reptile is the part of the brain that lazily gets obsessed with repetitive stimulation (playing Bejewelled blitz etc), so that it kills time  and prevents the higher brain of the monkey getting wrapped up in emotional highs and lows (watching TV soaps, big brother, the news) which prevents the brain taking on the purer role of creativity, enterpreneurship.

We need to starve the reptile and monkey to unleash the creativity of the empire builder!! Heady stuff.


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