Life’s a beach….

I was reading Shaa Wasmund’s blog about where people find happiness, or their “magic” and it reminded me of a place I go to for stillness when the world is racing by, and when I need to slow things down. Its a beach.

It is a combination of a number of beaches we have visited, and I can feel my pulse slowing as we drive to the beach (in my mind’s eye) and then park, and walk down the steep steps in the cliff, until my feet hit the warm sand. Each step down is calming and on the tenth step as my feet touch the warm sand, I get ready to settle down to hear the sound of the waves. I slow my breathing in and out to the sound of the imaginary waves crashing on the sand, and I am swept away from the humdrum problems racing round my head.

I imagine the sun beating down and melting into the sand.

I have been following stress coach Charlie Damonsing and she has a great clip of a beach that’s worth watching. Follow the link above to You Tube and enjoy.

I’ve just completed a teleclass with Charlie learning about lifestyle and stress and would commend her website of to you.


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