Improving services for young people

I’ve just had a great chat with Michael-Don Smith about an upcoming meeting we will be having with a local authority about improving services for young people. Its a challenging time for local authorities facing increasing demands for care of looked after children, rising teenage pregnancy, concerns about gang culture against an increasingly austere resource provision for local authorities and other public servces to meet these needs.

We need to start thinking in different ways, exploring different solutions, yet keep our values strong to deliver the best with what we have.

Its not all about the money.

I’ve read the vision of the Mindful Policy Group (MPG) which is dedicated to the creation of a more humane, caring and psychologically-aware society. Towards this goal they seek to promote evidence-based psychological, biological and social research to help create individual and communal psychological welfare and health.

I am optimistic that we can continue to improve provision if we can work together.

We need to provide leadership and commitment to make these new things happen.


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