Internet marketing – some pitfalls

A friend sent through a link yesterday to a “great money making internet business”.

The projected incomes to be earned were almost too good to be true.

On first “google” it appeared that there were various articles stating that this was a great business, and testimonials that it wasn’t a scam.

It was only on the 3rd page of google references that, as I expected, all was not as it seemed. It was a scam. And it was a mirror image of 3 similar internet money making business scams. Even the picture on the flyer looked the same. Instead of the small initial payment, a number of much larger sums were typically taken from the credit card account almost immediately.

A glance at the small print on the flyer was almost laughable. The small print explained that the testimonials and income cited weren’t to be relied upon, there was no guarantee any money would be made. The refund was conditional on some quite complicated steps to be proved.

I didn’t bite but I wonder how many did?

As ever, if it looks to be too good to be true, it probably is.


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